Ensure the area to be waterproofed is clean and is free of any mould or dirtl.

Ensure the area is completely dry

Prime the area to be waterproofed using a compatible primer for the membrane (see membrane data sheet)

In the case of box gutters install a fillet at the junction of the gutter walls and gutter base, use a compatible sealant that will go with the membrane chosen (see membrane data sheet)

If using a water based membrane you will first need to apply some waterproofing  membrane to any fillet or joint which you have sealed followed by  imbedding reinforcing material into the wet membrane, then coat over the reinforcing material with waterproofing membrane (make sure that there are no creases or air trapped in the reinforcing material)

Apply a coat of membrane over the remaining sections of the box gutter starting furthest away from the exit point of the area that you are working on; this will allow you to coat the area without walking on the wet membrane.

If you are using solvent based polyurethane apply a coat over the box gutter base area then up the walls of the box gutter (Reinforcing cloth is not needed with this type of membrane)

Allow the product to dry before applying the second coat. (This will vary depending on the outside temperature and weather, see data sheet for a guide to drying times)

In the case of walls, after the prime coat has dried apply the first coat of membrane to the area.

Allow to dry before applying the second coat (This will vary depending on the outside temperature and weather, see data sheet for a guide to drying times)

Apply the second coat to the area and allow drying of the membrane before putting any fixtures back on the wall

Check with Total Waterproofing Supplies for the correct membrane to use in your area if you are not sure.

This is a generic guide only, giving a basic overview of how to install a membrane.  This information is given in good faith and should NOT be used as a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Instruction Sheet.  When purchasing membranes always download the full TDS sheet and MSDS sheet applicable.  All membranes have their own manufacturer’s instruction guide/s,  these must be used when installing membranes.  You may download this information  from our website or direct from the manufacturer.

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