Clean the area to be coated and make sure that the area is dry

Prime the surface of the water feature  area using a compatible primer for the coating chosen (see coating data sheet)

Apply a compatible sealant to the coating around any penetrations in the walls or base of the water feature

Most cases the coating will be a 2 part coating and will require application to be carried out in a given time frame as the product will have a short pot time

Apply the coating as directed by the manufacturer (see data sheet, in some brands there are also coating specific requirements need to be carried out and different hardeners required depending on the time of the year)

Allow the coating to dry (see data sheet for drying times)

Apply a second coat to the water feature in the same way as the first coat was applied

Check the curing time on the data sheet before adding water to the water feature;  this will vary depending on the brand of the coating and temperature of the time when the coating was applied.

Check with Total Waterproofing Supplies for the correct coating to use in your area if you are not sure.

This is a generic guide only, giving a basic overview of how to install a membrane.  This information is given in good faith and should NOT be used as a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Instruction Sheet.  When purchasing membranes always download the full TDS sheet and MSDS sheet applicable.  All membranes have their own manufacturer’s instruction guide/s,  these must be used when installing membranes.  You may download this information  from our website or direct from the manufacturer.

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