Duro Solar 15 Litre White

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Product Description

DURO MASTIC™ Duro Solar 15 Litre White is a long life, 100% acrylic emulsion coating with excellent solar radiation reflection. Typically it will reduce the head space temperature under a roof by up to 15°C on hot days. DURO MASTIC™ Duro Solar  will effectively extend the roof life of a building and has an excellent architectural appearance. DURO MASTIC™ SR may be applied over most building surfaces for solar reflection durability and extension of service life.
DURO MASTIC™  reflects solar radiation, and as well, radiates heat back into the atmosphere

Colour – White

Top coat for membrane system
• New metal or fibre cement roofs / walls
• Exposed concrete roof decks, parapets, fascias
• Roofing membrane

Solar reflective
• Thermal emitting
• Reduces air conditioning costs, and reduces
greenhouse gas emmissions
• Mould resistant
• Prolongs roof life, Service life of 7-10 years depending on conditions
• Reduces thermal expansion & stress
• Excellent resistance to weathering
• Simple application, water based
• Non-toxic, lead free
• Enviromentally friendly

6 sqm per litre per coat

Two coat application required

20 Litre pail will coat 60 sqm complete

Re-coat time 2 hr

Full cure 3 days at 23 º C

TWS – TDS Duro Mastic SR

TWS-MSDS-Duro Mastic SR