Duromastic ACS 2

DUROMIX™ACS-2 is a two part high solids liquid / cement copolymer membrane with fibre reinforcement. DUROMIX™ACS-2 cures rapidly to form a flexible waterproof lining for showers and other wet areas. ACS-2 is particularly suitable for applications where polymer modified render will be applied or in conditions where other waterbased waterproofing products have difficulty in drying due to excessive humidity and coolness .

  • Price
  • Australian Made
  • Fast Drying
  • Environmentally friendly product

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Under tile waterproofing

  • Simple application – single pack, water based
  • Good flexibility
  • Seamless, no joins.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non toxic

1 sqm per 1.5 litres per coat
Two coat application required
15 Litre pail will coat 7.5 sqm complete 
Re-coat time  2-4 hrs