Enviro Epoxy RC Kit


Enviro Epoxy RC is a high build, chemically resistant, heavy duty, two component epoxy resin system. Enviro Epoxy RC once applied produces a hard wearing, durable surface suitable for commercial / industrial vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This system also performs well in demanding chemical environments.



• Food Production

• Internal Car Parks

• Commercial Kitchen and Laundries

• Chemical Production

• Water Waste Treatment

• Warehouse Floors

• Water Treatment and Supply

• Mining

• Dairy, Sugar and Textile Production

• Easy 2 Coat Application

• Long Durability

• High Build

• Chemical Resistance

• Heavy Duty

• Colour Pack System

• Very Low VOC Content

• Damp substrates

Depending on substrate condition and profile, one 16 ltr kit of Enviro Epoxy RC will cover at 50 – 65m² based on 2 coats at 200 um DFT.

TWS – TDS Enviro Epoxy RC

TWS – MSDS Enviro Epoxy RC Part A

TWS – MSDS Enviro Epoxy RC Part B