Enviro Primer WB


Product Description

Primer WB is a water based polymer emulsion formulated as a primer for specific waterproofing membranes, an admixture for cementitious mortars and a bonding agent for spalling repair products.

• Primer for waterproofing membranes

• Render admixture

• Concrete bonding slurry

• Adhesion promoter for tile bed mortars

• Water resistant skimcoat for damp surfaces

• Strength enhancing admixture for concrete repair mortars

• Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates

• Resistant to chlorides, alkalis, sulphates

• Water resistant and mild acids

• Flexible

• Plasticizing effect and reduced shrinkage

• Increases tensile strength of mortars of mortars

• Excellent abrasion resistance

• Non-toxic – can be used in potable water

• Promotes high early strength in mortars situations

• Enhanced corrosion protection

• Lower water/cement ratio

Dependant on chosen application, dosage rates and consistencies required.

TWS – TDS Enviro Prime WB

TWS – MSDS Enviro Prime WB