Parchem Emer-Clad 15 Litre

Parchem Emer-Clad 15 Litre is a water-borne single pack acrylic waterproofing membrane with excellent UV, water and alkaline resistance. Enviro Clad also demonstrates good resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion. The significant anti-mould ingredient gives long lasting protection to exterior walls from fungus and mould attack. Enviro Clad is applied by brush, roller or spray, forming a highly elastic coating with excellent flexibility and colour stability.

Colour – White

• Walls and Facades

• Internal Wet Areas

• Roof Tops

• Very low VOC

• Chloride and CO2 resistant

• Water based

• UV resistant

• Flexible

• Vapour permeable

• Waterproof

• Versatile

• Mould resistant

• Single pack

Enviro Clad will cover approximately 3m² per litre per coat

TWS – TDS Enviro Clad

TWS – MSDS Enviro Clad