Parchem Emer-Proof 750 GR 15 Ltr

Product Description

Emer-proof 750 is a one component moisture cured polyurethane system for waterproofing.  It is a high performance, tough, flexible, polyurethane waterproofing membrane, for internal and external under tile areas.  Suitable for application by brush or roller.

Colour – Grey

Planter Boxes<br />
Podiums<br />
Balconies<br />
Roofs<br />
Decks<br />
Wet areas</p>
&nbsp;<em>NB: Product not UV stable, must be overcoated or tiled over</em></p>

Excellent flexibility</li>
One component</li>
Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates</li>
Excellent chemical resistance</li>
Decrease of construction cost and time</li>
Can be applied as a single coat finish</li>

1.5 sqm per litre per coat<br />
Two coat application required<br />
15 litre pail will coat 11 sqm complete&nbsp;<br />
Re-coat time within 24 hrs<br />
Full cure 24hrs at 23 ºC</p>

<a href=" – Emer-Proof 750.pdf" target="_blank" title="TDS – Emer-Proof 750">TDS – Emer-Proof 750</a></p>
<a href="" target="_blank" title="TWS-MSDS-EMERPROOF-750">TWS-MSDS-EMERPROOF-750</a></p>