Tremco ILLBRUCK FM330 750ml

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Product Description

Tremco ILLBRUCK FM330 750ml

Tremco ILLBRUCK FM330 750ml is a  single  component  PU  foam  particularly  suitable  for ensuring an airtight perimeter seal around the windows and doors. It is also an ideal choice for sealing floor to wall  and  wall  to  ceiling  joints;  the  movement accommodation factor (MAF) of 35% ensures that the integrity  of  the  seal  is  maintained  in  the  event  of movement and settlement. s an air tight gap filler and water resistant seal in door and window frames,Top of wall joints, beam of roof joints, wall to roof joints  and service penetrations.

ILLBRUCK FM330 is an excellent sound barrier and easy to cut when cured.

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  • Window installation
  • Sealing of very small joints
  • Sealing of inner walls and ceilings
  • Elasticity of more than 35
  • Low post-expansion
  • Easy to cut
  • Applicable at temperature as low as 0°C
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Less hand strain

Technical Data

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