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Product Description


The TWS EP25 KIT is a two part water based epoxy compound. It can be used both as a primer and protective coating to prevent moisture penetration and rising damp through mineral surfaces. EP25 can be applied to damp surfaces and over freshly laid concrete (“green concrete”), screeds and renders with excellent hydro-static pressure resistance.

With excellent moisture resistance in both positive and negative applications, EP25 provides a compatible surface for finished decorative coatings, membranes and adhesives to be directly applied over.

Suitable for internal, external, underground and immersed applications.

Drying Times:

  • Recoat – 4 hrs
  • Topping – 24 hrs

Available in 4L and 20L Kits.

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• Moisture barrier/dry lining on negative sides of underground wall surfaces preventing ingress of moisture, e.g. lift pits, basement walls, tunnels, cellars, car parks, retaining walls
• Protective primer over damp concrete and mineral surfaces to enable application of TWS membranes or finished coatings, preventing vapour blisters and de-bonding from the substrate.
• Low water vapour transmission protective coating over “green” or damp concrete.
• Protective moisture barrier against rising damp of floors, enabling direct adhesion of vinyl, carpet, tiles, timber, levelling compounds, screeds etc

• Non-flammable, low odour and low VOC
• Outstanding adhesion properties to concrete, masonry, stone and timber surfaces
• Excellent positive and negative hydrostatic resistance
• Able to be applied to damp surfaces and freshly laid concrete
• Easy water clean up
• Excellent pot life 1-2 hours (@ 25°C)
• Compatible surface for bonding a wide range of coatings and adhesives

• Best results always acheived with 2 coats
• For rising damp or prevention of efflorescence, a minimum 1 coat application can be applied at coverage of 3.0m2/litre
• For waterproofing or creating a moisture protective barrier on the negative side of walls, a minimum of 2 coats is recommended at 3.0m2/litre per coat
• Ensure a uniform application and required coverage is achieved. If the recommended coverage hasn’t been achieved in 2 coats, further coats should be applied until the recommended coverage is formed
• Over porous surfaces, first coat can be diluted up to 5% with water. For denser surfaces dilution up to 10% can be considered. Note: Only 1st coat to be diluted. 2nd coat to be applied neatly

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